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The Gospel

Nothing is more critical than a true understanding of the Gospel. The Bible declares that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. It is only by the gospel that we come into fellowship with God. Apart from the gospel, we are all left destitute and without hope. 
But the gospel is not only the power unto salvation. As Christians we must remain faithful to the gospel in order to grow. The Bible also describes our walk of faith as a constant holding onto the gospel message that we believed unto salvation. Therefore, there is nothing more important in your life, whether you are a Christian or not, that a true understanding and belief in the gospel.   
While the gospel contains many details that are, at first, difficult to comprehend, it is also a very clear, simple, and understandable message. It is one that we can learn about and grow to comprehend. Although the gospel goes very deep, the basic message revolves around four major points: God, man, Jesus Christ, and man’s response. 
The Gospel begins with God. There is only one true and living God. He is the loving, gracious, and merciful creator of this world. He created the world and all things within the world, including man. He created man to rule the world under His authority and enjoy fellowship with Him forever. But unfortunately that is not how the world operates today. 
Man has rejected the rule of God. We have all decided to run things our own way. Because of our pride and selfish desires, we all, by nature, do not want to live under God’s authority but want to run things our own way. However, by trying to run things our own way we end up destroying the world, ourselves, and society. We have all rebelled against God and that rebellion has not led to life, but to destruction. 
And God will not let this rebellion go on forever. Because God is perfect, He is also perfectly just. Just as a righteous judge cannot let treason go without punishment, so God cannot allow our sin of rebellion to go without punishment. God will one day punish us and His punishment is death and judgment. 
Thankfully, that is not the end of the story. While God could have rightfully left us all to die and be punished in our rebellion, there is more to the message of the gospel than that. The gospel brings hope to us all while we face desperate circumstances. While we were still in rebellion against Him, because of His love, God sent His son Jesus Christ into the world. Jesus perfectly obeyed  God.  He always lived under God’s rule. His perfect life included dying as a sacrifice for sins. Jesus died in our place and took the punishment we deserve from God so that we could be forgiven by God. God’s punishment was not relieved, it was redirected - onto Jesus Christ. 
After His death, God raised Jesus to life again. Now Jesus sits at the right hand of God as the ruler of this world. By His resurrection, Jesus has conquered death and now gives new life to those who have faith in Him. One day Jesus will return to the earth to judge the earth and all those who continue to reject God’s rule. 
Which leaves us all with two options. We can continue to live our lives in rebellion to God. We can continue to reject His rule and authority and try to rule the world our own way. What will happen if we do? We will be condemned by God and will soon face death and judgment. 
The second option is that we submit to Jesus as our ruler. We express faith toward Jesus and repentance toward our lives of rebellion. We trust in Jesus' death and resurrection as the only hope for our forgiveness and reconciliation with God. If we do, we will be forgiven by God and experience the gift of salvation. We will be given eternal life and hope for an everlasting relationship with God. 
If you are not a Christian, there is no greater message than the gospel. It is your only hope for forgiveness. God has given us the gospel as an expression of His great love for us. You can be forgiven of your rebellion. You must look to Christ and have faith in His death and resurrection to forgive you. Only Jesus can save, but Jesus will save you. 
If you are a Christian, there is still no better message of the gospel. Our walk of faith is not one that moves past the gospel, but one that continually looks to Jesus for greater faith and strength to live under Jesus’ authority. If you have wandered away from the gospel, you need to return. You need to preach this message to yourself everyday so that your love for God would be kindled and your passion for Him would never fade. 
The gospel is the most important message in the world. Let’s take this message and proclaim it to everyone, because we all need it!